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Why use a Mortgage Broker?

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Save time

Using a broker will save you time as they will do the research and negotiating for you

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Save money

Brokers will find the best rates available for you, hence saving you money

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Loan accessibility

Brokers are more flexible when it comes to working with lower credit scores

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brokers are experts when it comes to mortgages, so why not have an expert to help you with the biggest purchase of your life

What do Mortgage Brokers do ?

A mortgage broker is someone who is an expert in mortgage loans. Mortgage brokers in Canada usually work for a Mortgage Broker company who offers brokerage services between future/present home owners and lenders like banks. A mortgage broker uses its relationships with lenders in order to find the best mortgage rates possible for either the purchase of a new home or for the refinancing of a current mortgage loan.

Buying a new home can be very stressful, that is why a mortgage broker will not only find you the best rate possible, but he/she will also relieve some pressure by doing most of the research and paperwork. Using a mortgage broker can also be very advantageous if you have a less than perfect credit, since they have good relationships with banks and lenders, they will be able to use said relationships in order to negotiate better terms and rates.

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What is Brokers.Network ?

With the real estate market/industry booming in the last few years and the number of different mortgage brokerage companies and mortgage brokers always increasing in Canada, the good people at SecretLocal had these reflections: What if we could centralize all mortgage brokers on the same website? Wouldn’t it be easier for future and existing homeowners to look for and find the best and nearest mortgage brokers? Shortly after that, Brokers.Network saw the light of day and there was the beginning of our journey of facilitating connecting future/current homeowners with the best mortgage brokers in Canada.


Our goal here at Brokers.Network is to help future/current homeowners just as much as mortgage brokers.  Now you may wonder how we can equally support both sides of the mortgage equation at the same time without prioritizing the interests of either side?  Well the way we see it is helping one side is also helping the other.  


On one hand, having mortgage brokers from various banners all listed on one website makes it easier and simpler for homeowners/buyers to find and contact their preferred mortgage broker.  On the other hand, for mortgage brokers, it is an additional place where potential clients can find them but that’s not all.  Brokers.Network is powered by SecretLocal, one of the leaders in digital marketing for mortgage brokers in Canada.  In other words, mortgage brokers in Canada can get a free listing on Brokers.Network, but they can also easily increase their reach and online presence with our digital marketing services.  If you are curious to find out more about our services, do not hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure to support you and answer any and all questions you might have!